We produce Audio and Audio-Visual products (CD's, DVD's, Podcasts) that Inform, Entertain, and Inspire
                                          Our Products are often accompanied by printed material (books, greeting cards, manuals)

             Carolyn Graves narrates and produces Audiobook projects on ACX.com.  These are available through iTunes,
                                                  ​ Audible.com and Amazon.com  (See the
Catalog page for a listing)  

            ​​ Stories4LittleEars:  Children's stories old and new--fairy tales, legends, myths, poetry, holiday stories, stories and poetry
                                                          about historical events 
(Produced with music and sound effects)  

                        Some will be available for download from this website - Check the Stories4LittleEars webpage
                       Some are produced as videos and can be viewed on our You Tube Channel--

              Listen to our Podcasts    See the Stories4LittleEars web page
         Northwest Story-CardsGreeting Card + Audio CD   *    Gift and Greeting Card all in one
Careers"Ready-Aim-​Hire: Win the Work Search Game & Get the Job                                                   ​      
You Really Want" by Carolyn E. Graves, M.Ed   (2 CD's + Workbook)
​          Black Entrepreneurs:The Forgotten Pioneers--Profiles of African American Entrepreneurs from the 18th                               & ​ 19th Centuries   (written/narrated by Carolyn E Graves)     (DVD or 2 CD Audio Only Set)



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